DEAD CHANNELS - Bei Innerstrength Records


Innerstrength Records verkünden die Vertragsunterzeichnung von DEAD CHANNELS. Im Januar wird ihr Debutalbum „Soul Pollution“ veröffentlicht.
Nachfolgend die Pressemeldung:

DEAD CHANNELS uniquely blends aspects of punk, metal and heavier rock music to write songs that are relentlessly driving and at times technical without sounding boastful. With brutally honest lyrics shouted in a way that is both manic and melodic, over riffs reminiscent of bands like Quicksand, Cave-in and at times even Pantera. At moments, it seems as if the band is luring their listeners to a time back in the late 90's, an almost forgotten sound.

Hailing from Orange County New York, this three-piece band formed in late 2007. They recorded two demos between 2008-2009, followed by a full length entitled “Soul Pollution” to be released on Innerstrength records. Prior to this the three members had been playing in various touring projects for over ten years.