DEATH ANGEL - Album im Kasten


Lest dazu das Update des DEATH ANGEL Gitarristen Rob Cavestany:

"Our new recording is done! 'Killing Season' was mixed at Studio 606 by Nick Raskulinecz and mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering by none other than Brian 'Big Bass' Gardner. It is slated for release on February 26 in the U.S. and February 29 in the rest of the world. Leap year 2008!

"Here is the track listing:

01. Lord of Hate
02. Sonic Beatdown
03. Dethroned
04. Carnival Justice
05. Buried Alive
06. Soulless
07. The Noose
08. When Worlds Collide
09. God vs God
10. Steal the Crown
11. Resurrection Machine