DEATH BY STEREO - Platte kommt via Viking Funeral


Die Kalifornier werden ihr sechstes Werk auf VIKING FUNERAL veröffentlichen.

Die Band dazu:

"I am proud to be a part of Viking Funeral because Fletcher [Dragge of Pennywise], Ken Seaton [of Hardline Entertainment] and the whole Suburban Noize family have the same DIY, never back down mentality that we have. Viking Funeral is a perfect home for us, as we've seen how labels work and the majority of them are more interested in making a quick buck instead of developing an artist that puts out great records. Working with Viking Funeral brings us back to our early days in the hardcore and punk-rock scenes that birthed us, because they care about the music rather than what's trendy. This record is a return to our roots and with the addition of our original bass player Paul Miner as producer we have re-established our signature sound and we managed to forge a new sonic path for Death by Stereo."