DENY EVERYTHING lösen sich auf


Schlechte Nachrichten aus Köln. DENY EVERYTHING lösen sich im Oktober auf. Hier das Statement:

we're splitting up in october!
Hey everyone,

We’re splitting up in October this year. In November David is going to move to Mexico for two years and we’ve all agreed that this is a good moment to put an end to this band. After playing together for so many years, moving on with another guitar player just wouldn’t feel right. So no hard feelings involved, we’re still friends. After all, that’s what bands do, they split up someday.

Anyway, this band means a lot to us and will always be an important part of our lives. We’re happy that we had the chance to play so many shows all over Europe, and make so many good friends. Also, we’re glad that we found a perfect home for us on Yo-Yo Records, the best label anyone could imagine.

We might be releasing a final 7“. We’re actually writing some songs at the moment and if everything works out, we’ll record them in August. We’ll keep you updated on that.

Our very last show is going to be in Berlin, on Oct. 23rd 2010. We’ll make sure to play some more shows before that, check the list below and make sure to come out and say Goodbye. It means everything to us.

Chris and Björn will continue to play in Underparts. Pablo is still playing in Imhoff Youth. We’ll keep you posted on any further projects.

Thanks for listening to our shit, reading our lyrics, showing up at our shows, singing, dancing, talking, drinking and hanging out with us.

Special thanks go out to the best friends we have: Jan/Yo-Yo Records, Cobretti, Tackleberry and Cutting Class (R.I.P.)

Stay punk, stay smart,

Last Shows so far:

07.08.10 Hannover, THE RISE FEST
16.08.10 Köln, Blue Shell w/ POLAR BEAR CLUB
04.09.10 Bonn, Bla w/ OFF WITH THEIR HEADS
15.10.10 Köln, Aetherblissement w/ RVIVR
16.10.10 tba
22.10.10 Kiel, Schaubude
23.10.10 Berlin

Alte Kommentare

von jona 28.07.2010 08:50

schade. letzte 7" fand ich megagut.

von jona's papa 28.07.2010 09:53

finds auch megaschade!

von Raphael 28.07.2010 10:06

oh shit, eine der besten deutschen bands überhaupt. was dieses kollektive auflösen nervt. passend aber der code: "downer"

von jona 28.07.2010 10:14

@mein papa: hey, kannst du mir ein bisschen kohle leihen? muss nach hannover zum rise-fest!

von ed 28.07.2010 18:38

Ich dachte, ich hätte mich in knapp 15 Jahren Musik hören an Auflösungen geöhnt, aber das ist ma echt superkacke. Geile Band, perfekte Texte. Auf nach Hannover!

von micha sellfish 28.07.2010 21:19

verdammt schade, immer triffts die guten!

von Jona's Papa aka PMAlan 28.07.2010 22:25

@Jona: mein Sohn heißt auch Jona, daher der Jahrhundertgag!;-)

von ThoeCarrioer 29.07.2010 04:21


von jona 08.08.2010 13:15

ha, habs zum reis fest geschafft. super typen, echt schade drum.