DESPISED ICON - So war Europa


DESPISED ICON haben zusammen mit MISERY INDEX und BENEATH THE MASSACRE aussagegmäß sehr erfolgreich Europa betourt.

Dazu Sänger Alex Erian: "We started this European tour with no expectations. I mean it was only our second time, not to mention BTM's first time, in Europe so we figured we were mostly into it to hang out with our boys in BTM and MI and play in front of 100 metalheads a night. But after about a week of playing in packed venues, we understood that this tour was gonna be killer. Much respect to everyone that came out to the shows, had a good time and turned this into something special for us. I haven't had this much fun on tour in a while. We plan on coming back to Europe in August for a short festival run with CEPHALIC CARNAGE. See you there!"