DESPISED ICON befinden sich zur Zeit zwei Wochen lang im Studio, um an ihrem neuen Century Media Release zu arbeiten. Die Band gab folgendes Statement:

"We've been in the studio for about 2 weeks now. The drums were recorded with a click track/metronome and the result is tight as fuck. Seriously, some of the parts on this record are faster then anything we've done in the past. Alex's drumkit sounds amazing. Expect more blastbeats and gravity blasts! We've drilled holes in our heads and came up with loads of inventive breakdowns for you mosh enthousiasts. I know this is the type of stuff that all bands say but trust me, it's true and you won't be disappointed...

Guitars are about halfway done and we can't wait to see how killer things will sound once Andy Sneap starts mixing the whole thing. He made some of the best sounding recordings out there so we're defenitely stoked to be working with him. Don Clark from Invisible Creature is currently working on our album layout. He handled the art direction on Norma Jean's last 2 albums so you know it's going to look sick. We've worked twice as hard on this record and are very pleased with how it's coming along."