DESTINY suchen weiterhin neuen Drummer


Hier nun das offizielle Statement der Band:
"Our drummer Jim is going to quit the band after the show in Flensburg. He wants to focus on different things in his life and told us not to be a part of the band anymore. That hurts a lot. He's always been a big friend for everyone of us and we would not have made it without him through the years.

So, for all the promoters out there: We are not able to play any shows right now! If you want to book us, get in contact with MAD Tourbooking, but be patient if we will say "no" to every afford at this time.

But the biggest problem right now is: How do we get a new drummer to continue? We ask all of you drumming guys who are into our music: If you think you are capable to help us out with the drums and really want to get on stage with us write to and we will check you out. It would be great, if you're able to ban your skills on tape or cd,
maybe while playin' our songs and send it to us.You can get the address, if you ask for it at the email above. It's not necessary, but it might be easier for us.

There is one more thing for you: Destiny is an animal rights-band, so you have to be vegetarian or vegan. That's all for the moment."