DEVIAN melden Änderungen im Lineup / neue Songs online


DEVIAN haben drei Versionen neuer Songs auf ihre MySpace-Seite gestellt. "I Am The Serpent", "Victimized" und "Forever Crowned In Blasphemy" wurden veröffentlicht, um den Fans einen Eindruck der neuen Band zu präsentieren. Denn Sänger Legion ist nicht mehr aus beruflichen Gründen in der Band.

Drummer Emil Dragutinovic: "We have been silent for some time now and that is because a lot has happened.

"We ended our co-operation with Century Media and [vocalist] Legion (a.k.a. Erik Hagsted) left the band because of his job. He is a tattoo artist and he works a lot. He felt he couldn't put the necessary time into the band that we require."

Gitarrist Tomas Nilsson: "For this third album we focused on making it exactly the way we want it. We really wanted to work with it thoroughly, simplifying the song structures and really make it a perfect album."

DEVIAN 2010 bestehen aus:

Emil Dragutinovic (Drums)
Jonas "Joinus" Mattson (Guitar and Vocals)
Tomas Nilsson (Guitar)
Carl Stjärnlöv (Bass)