DEVILDRIVER - Geben Titel des neuen Albums bekannt


DEVILDRIVER haben den Titel ihres neuen Albums bekannt gegeben. Das gute Stück wird auf den Namen "Pray For Villains" hören und im Sommer erscheinen. Lest selbst, was Sänger Dez Fafara dazu zu sagen hat:

"This is Dez,

DEVILDRIVER is currently recording in LA with Logan Mader and things are going great. I've done 5 tracks on vox and mike and jeff are finishing overdubs and Solos. We are recording 15 tracks and we've stepped it up big time for this one. The album is called "Pray For Villains" and will be out this Summer We know you will love it. We can't wait for everyone to hear the songs.

Hail Dez"