DIECAST - Neue Songs online / Trennen sich von Century Media


DIECAST haben zwei neue Demosongs online. Ihr findet "Disconnect" HIER und "Sanctified" HIER.

Weiterhin gibt die Band die Trennung vom Label bekannt. Hier das Statement:

"It's time for a well-needed update from us. First of all, we'd like to announce that we are no longer on Century Media Records. This was a mutual decision by both of us, and is going to be 100% better in the long run for both parties. We would like to thank CM for everything they did for us and wish them well in all future endeavors.

"Earlier this summer, we funded and recorded a four-song demo with our longtime producer Paul Trust, and we are currently shopping it to labels. We've already been contacted by a few labels that are very impressed with the songs and we believe we'll have a new home before the end of March 2009, and you all know what that means??? Yes, new album and touring!"