Nach absolvierter Europatour bedanken sich alle Bands. Die Statements der Bands hier:

DISMEMBER: "The tour is over, sad but true. We did 24 shows on this tour and on every single one we had a blast. We would like to thank the whole amazing crew, the opening acts, all the fans who came to see us and Mariusz and Massive Music for putting together one of the best organized tours DISMEMBER has ever done. See you maniacs next time!"

HATESPHERE: "Touring with the Swedish old-school deathsters DISMEMBER turned out to be a winner... nice crew, especially our tour manager Darling, the unforgettable backline crew and last but not least Tony Montana doing the sound. Hails to all of you for making this tour not only funny but kick ass! Thanks to the other bands as well — our German friends! See you soon..."

FALL OF SERENITY: "The Europa Burns tour is history now. That's a pity, 'cause it was the pure fun to play the 24 dates and the best promotion for our new CD 'The Crossfire'. It was a huge success for us and all the other bands as well. The venues were crowded very well, also during the week, and the fans had much fun seeing this package. A big thank you to Massive Music. Awesome job!!! Thanx to the drivers, the crew, the tour manager/ mercher, the sound engineer and of course to the bands and fans..."