DIVINE HERESY - Neuer Sänger an Bord


Jetzt ist es offiziell und die Spekulationen haben ein Ende: DIVINE HERESY haben einen neuen Sänger! Mit Travis Neal (The Bereaved, Pushed) haben die Jungs einen dynamischen Neuen im Bunde und re-recorden mit ihm nun den Titeltrack "Bleed the Filth". Auch ein Video ist dazu geplant.

Dino Cazares (Gitarre) sagt dazu: "We are beyond stoked to have Travis on board with us and we immediately knew that he was the perfect guy for the job. He definitely has the range and stage presence to make him one of the genre's most lethal vocalists out there and the new material we are writing is going to smoke our debut. It's more brutal, faster and pissed off, so you better start preparing yourselves now. Until then, we went ahead and re-recorded 'Bleed The Fifth' with Travis and it's just a little taste of what this guy is truly capable of so enjoy and we will see you soon."