Derek Grant (ALKALINE TRIO) mit Soloalbum


Derek Grant, Drummer bei ALKALINE TRIO hat ein frei verfügbares Soloalbum veröffentlicht. Grant erklärt:

"As I moved throughout the years, boxes of these 4 track master tapes would get shifted from state to state until I finally got around to digitizing them. I transferred a few songs to Pro-Tools to see about remixing them - what I found was some dreadfully recorded instruments, and a whole lot of poorly played music. My first instinct was to just re-record the songs, perhaps change some lyrics, and re-arrange the songs a bit. But while I am hopefully a more accomplished musician than I was 18 years ago, there's a spirit and energy to those songs that I could never recreate. It lives in the words and the vocals. So the decision was made to re-record the music around the vocal tracks.

I set about picking my favorite of the songs, digitizing all of the vocal tracks and EQ-ing them to sound half-way intelligible. I spent two days relearning and re-recording all of the guitar parts, then I took the recordings to Sonic Iguana Studios. There Mass Giorgini and Phillip Hill helped me to record the drums. In keeping with the original spirit, everything was recorded and mixed as quickly and haphazardly as possible."

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