Drive-Thru Records - Probleme mit der Distribution


Hier ein kleines Update von Drive-Thru Records bezüglich der Probleme mit der Distribution:

"Just thought i'd give you a little update on the status of DTR / Rushmore and our upcoming releases. Over the past year, many of you have complained that our records have been hard to find in stores. We were working very hard trying to resolve that issue with our distributor, but to no avail.

Sooooo we are in the process of switching distribution companies which is why the Halifax record has been delayed. We gave the band the option to release the record through our current distribution channel, but being the wise, young (and may I add handsome) men that they are, they decided to wait. This will be better for everyone in the long run!!! As for the fabulous triple disc from The Early November, as you can imagine, it's a lot of work. The band is putting the finishing touches on it, so it's not ready for release yet."

Zuvor hatten Geffen die Distribution inne.