Hier das Statement der Band:

"Most of you have heard by now that E.town Concrete will be hanging up the cleats on May 20th at Starland. It is true. As much as we love to play the music we've created over the past decade and as proud as we are of what we've built, the time has come to stop. We would rather go out with dignity than to quietly become irrelevant. We have no regrets. The name E.town Concrete is known by many people all over the world. The music we made afforded us opportunities to see and do things many people only dream about. We traveled the world, met tons of amazing people and created art that people actually care about. For that, we are extremely grateful. We started this band when we were still in high school. Our fans have watched us grow up and vice versa. We have fans that were 9 years old when we started, who are in college now...that's crazy. And that's also a lot more than most other bands can say. Over the past couple weeks, there has been much speculation over why we are doing this, the only reason is because it just feels right. Out of respect for the people who ever supported us and believed in us, we wouldn't want to continue to just play shows every now and then to make some loot if our hearts weren't in the right place. E.town Concrete is not a hobby. E.town Concrete has been our lives for as long as I can remember. If we can't do it right anymore, then maybe it's best to not do it at all. And although this is difficult for all of us, sometimes the most admirable thing is knowing when to let go. We invite EVERYONE to witness history and celebrate the end of an era. From the bottom of our hearts...THANK YOU."