EARL GREY - neue EP im Stream


Bereits im Oktober erschien mit "Passing Time" die neue EP der Melodic-Hardcoreband EARL GREY aus Mönchengladbach. Die Band zum Release, welches es unten im Stream zu hoeren gibt:

"The new release is definitely more powerful than the first one. I feellike the songs have more passion and energy. Every step we took, every decisionwe made has been talked over a lot. Our policy in the band is not to doanything if not everyone's completely satisfied with that decision. There was just 6 months in between recording the two releases so we obviously didn't reinventthe wheel with this one, but we all think that this EP is a big step forward.The songs deliver more passion, honesty and energy, and that's exactly what wewere looking for; I think that we finally found our sound we want to representthe band."