EMPTY HANDED - Drummer steigt aus


EMPTY HANDED haben den Ausstieg ihres Drummers Christian bekannt gegeben. Die Band sei aber nicht in Gefahr, so heißt es im offiziellen Statement:

We are very sorry to announce that Christian our drummer who started this band with us won't be a part of Empty Handed any longer. It's a decision he made and we fully respect it. This is the hardest goodbye for us.
We had long conversations about how to go on with Empty Handed as a band and we came to the conclusion that Empty Handed isn't over yet. We still want to play shows, we still want to write music and we still want to hangout together.
So here are the good news: we found a new drummer, it's our friend Jonas of Coldburn. We will start writing new stuff in december and we are going to release some new tunes probably sooner than you might think.
THANKS to everyone who ever supported this band because of YOU we had the feeling that this is not THE END.