EMPTY VISION - Shirt für guten Zweck



EMPTY VISION haben ein limitiertes Shirt Design auf den MArkt gebracht, dessen Einnahmen einem guten Zweck zu Gute kommen. Lest selbst:

"We are proud to present Hardcore For Life's shirt #4.

Until tomorrow morning you can pre-order the new EMPTY VISION shirt. Of course also this one will be strictly limited and you can get it for lousy 12 EUR (excl. postage) shipped worldwide. All sizes are available.

Please check out www.myspace.com/hardcoreforlifeclothing for more information and send a message for pre-ordering.

Once again, the profits will be donated to our friends at Nakupenda Africa. If you want to get to know something about their work visit www.nakupenda-africa.com. "