ENSLAVED - gibt es hölzern


Viva Hate Records werden am 9. Oktober eine 3kg schwere hölzerne Box mit rarem ENSLAVED Material veröffentlichen. Hier die Info:

"The 3kg-package contains six long-out-of-print and sold-out albums with alternate layout:

* "Frost" LP
* "Eld" 2xLP
* "Blodhemn" LP
* "Mardraum" LP
* "Monumension" LP
* "Below The Lights" LP
* A total amount of eight records which have been sold out for AGES!!!
* All albums on thick 180g vinyl!!!


* A reissued version of the original demo, "Yggdrassill"
* An exclusive one-sided record with rough instrumental recording of "Hal Valr" (recorded in 1992!), never before released
* An exclusive ENSLAVED belt buckle
* An exclusive ENSLAVED military cap with embroidered the logo on it"

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von Erster 05.09.2009 17:33