ESCAPE THE FATE - Nicht bei Taste Of Chaos Tour mit Dabei


Folgendes Statement hat die Band in ihrem MySpace Blog veröffentlicht:

"International Taste Of Chaos Cancellation

To all of our international fans,

We regret to inform you that we will not be able to participate in Taste Of Chaos International. We have some legal issues that we have to clear up, and due to that fact, your countries will NOT let us travel to them. This is a huge bummer for us and we really wanted to come to your countries and rock your faces off every night. Once we clear up all of our immigration and legal issues, we will jump right on an airplane and give you a show that you will never forget. Make sure you go out and support Taste Of Chaos and all of the bands that are playing. Those shows are going to kill! We love each and everyone of of you and we will see you soon.


-Escape The Fate"

Thx to DerBär