ETERNAL TANGO - Feierabend nach 10 Jahren


Mit dem nachfolgenden Statement bestätigen ETERNAL TANGO das Ende ihre Bandgeschichte.
Morgen wird die Band noch einen neuen Song veröffentlichen.

Die Abschiedsshow wird am 22.12.2012 im "Den Atelier" in Luxemburg stattfinden.

As the summer of 2012 drew to an end, we sadly had to come to the decision to put an end to 10 years of band history.

Change is a part of life and without change there can be no evolution. During the recording of our third record, some of us came to
realize that maybe this was no longer the right path for them. After long discussions, we took the very difficult decision to close this beautiful chapter of our lives, and consequently not finish the 20 songs that were in progress. At this moment in time, we would like to thank our own band members (Dave, Pit, Tom, David, Joe) for the amazing time that we have spent together, which has made us who we are today. But mostly we would like to thank our families and all the beautiful people that have supported and loved us over the past 10 years.

Tomorrow we will release a new song, one last song that we were able to finish before the split. This is not intended to give out an impression of what the new Eternal Tango would have sounded like, but to say thank you and say goodbye.