EVERY TIME I DIE - Statement über Abgang des Bassisten


Nachdem mit Keller Harbin (ex-The Chariot) beriets ein neuer Bassist gefunden wurde, haben EVERY TIME I DIE sich doch noch zum Abgang von Chris Byrnes geäußert:

"Our bass players are like Spinal Tap's drummers: They just spontaneously combust, We had gone over a year with the same bass player, and that just doesn't happen in our band. If he didn't quit, we probably would have killed him and eaten him."

Eigentlich warten es wohl eher finanzielle Gründe, denn während EVERY TIME I DIE in Buffalo residieren, lebt der ehemalige Bassisr in New York City. Frontman Keith Buckley dazu:

"He really couldn't afford it on our touring schedule and salary, He got a job offer at salary with another band doing sound, so he took that."