EVILE - Erste Promobild mit neuem Line-Up online


EVILE haben kürzlich ihren neuen Basser JOEL GRAHAM vorgestellt, der nach dem tragischen Tod von MIKE ALEXANDER in dessen Fußstapfen tritt. JOEL GRAHAM spielte zuvor bei RISE TO ADDICTION (Mausoleum Records).

(L-R: Ben Carter, Matt Drake, Joel Graham, Ol Drake)

JOEL GRAHAM kommentiert:

"I'd just like to say how much I'm looking forward to the upcoming tour with the band, and can't wait to meet all the Evile fans personally. Since the announcement was made about me joining Evile, the words of support have been overwhelming in what is ultimately a very difficult position in the band to fill. All I will say is, I will do my best every night of the tour and contribute what I can to keep this band stronger than ever. See you on tour, and thank you.."