Eulogy Frühlingssampler online


Eulogy haben einen Frühlingssampler mit folgenden Tracks online gestellt:

01. THICK AS BLOOD "Misery Loves Company"
From their upcoming album "Embrace" - Available 04.14.09

02. TURMOIL "Papercuts"
From their upcoming album "tba" – Available Spring ‘09

03. KINGDOM "Real Crime"
From the album "The Rage That Guides" - Available 03.31.09

04. THE MONGOLOIDS "Circumstantial Criticism"
From the EP "Assorted Music"

05. DOOMSDAY "What We Fight For"
From the album "Lay Down And Burn" - Available 03.24.09 (digital only release)

06. TOETAG "Only Yourself To Blame"
From the split EP “Toetag/Shattered Realm”

07. SHATTERED REALM "Hate For The World"
From the split EP “Toetag/Shattered Realm”

08. AGE OF RUIN "So Sends The Rat"
From the album "One Thousand Needles" (digital only release)

09. FURIOUS STYLES "Stillbirth"
From the abum “Menace”

10. PADDOCK PARK "Forgetting Alli Mae"
From the album “A Hiding Place For Fake Friends”

11. SKAM DUST "Godz Of War"
From the EP “Son Of Skarhead”

12. BARRICADE "Michelle"
From the album “Demons”

13. YEARS SPENT COLD "Coming Up Roses"
From the album “Moving Heaven To Hell"

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