Bereits einige Tage nach dem Ausstiegg bei DANCE GAVIN DANCE, hat Sänger Jonny Craig einen neuen Platz bei EMAROSA gefunden. Hier ssein Statement:

"I guess there is really only way to confront the issue and that is tell my side of the story. The "drug" abuse was something that I did have to deal with at one point in my life, but not recently within this past year.

I never stole drugs from anyone to try and get by and I never ran away due to my home BEING in Canada....I live there. I have my G.E.D and plan on taking college courses if time from touring allows so. I hold no grudges to any of the guys for kicking me out and leaving me in New Jersey whatsoever and I want everyone to understand that."

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von sane 20.11.2007 21:15

schade um den persönlichen hintergrund. aber der hat ne geile stimme.. will ma wissen was emarosa mit dem will oder haben die keinen mehr? hab ich was verpasst?!