FACE THE PANIC - Neue Songs online


FACE THE PANIC haben einige neue Songs online gestellt. Checkt sie bei MySpace.

Die Band hat übrigens Ex-Mitglieder aus folgenden Bands in ihren Reihen:
Lockjaw (Upheaval/Fist Held High Records),
Slugfest (Initial Records),
Union (Ferret Records),
Bonesaw Romance (Boss Tunage Records),
Wrong the Oppressor (Fist Held High Records),
Dead to the World (Stillborn Records),
Disengage (Just in Case Records),
Herod (Lifeforce Records),
Every Time I Die (Ferret Records),
Ceasefire (Fetus Records),
The Control (Reflections Records),
Bleed for Me (Sin Klub Ent)