FAR-LESS lösen sich auf


Tooth & Nail Act FAR-LESS wird sich diesen August auflösen. Hier das Statement der Band:

"Eight years is a long to time to be in any relationship, especially a public one. Far-Less has had many ups and downs, even a break-up or two, but we have made music that we are proud to call our own and had a lot of fun doing it. This being said, Far-Less is going on an indefinite hiatus following our summer plans. No doubt we will play some shows down the road, but now is the time for us to think about our futures and work on our other projects.

To say the group is getting out of the music scene would be a total lie. We are, however, moving on to new things. Far-Less has been a life changing experience, but remaining friends is the most important thing to us right now and it is obvious to us that this is the best course of action."