FAR FROM FINISHED verlassen Sailor\'s Grave Records


FAR FROM FINISHED haben ihr Label Sailor's Grave Records verlassen. Hier ihr Statement:

"After months of sitting and waiting on the release of Living in the Fallout, and in response to everyone's question, we sadly announce that Living in the Fallout for reasons beyond the control of the band will not be coming out on Sailors Grave / Thorp Records.

As much as a disappointment this news is, as a band we're very confident and proud of Living in the Fallout and we know that our fans will feel the same. We put everything we had into this record, and yes, this set back sucks ass, but once this thing hits, we promise it'll be worth the wait, at least hope so! We've been playing some of the new material live and the feedback from people has been awesome! Thanks to everyone for their support and kind words. Hopefully everyone will have the opportunity hear this record in the very near future."