Die FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS um Frontmann Kier Kemp sind erfolgreich von ihrer Tour mit ANNISOKAY zurückgekehrt und stellen im Rahmen ihrer am Freitag erscheinenden 8-Song EP "Bruises" einen neuen Videclip ins Netz. Unten gibt es die bewegten Bilder zu "Like Bruises" zu sehen. Der Sänger zum Release:

“We've always had a plan since the beginning. We wanted to do the concept properly and then move away from it to focus on our real life experiences. ‘Bruises’ comes from the heart. It’s allowed us to explore a whole new side of the band commenting on the darker side of human nature. It's still dark, but much more frank. Our ability as musicians and songwriters has also developed, so I think it's pretty unanimous within the band that this is our best material yet!”