FEAR FACTORY - Neuer Bassist


FEAR FACTORY haben mit Matt DeVries einen neuen Bassisten an Bord. DeVries verdingte sich unter anderem bei CHIMAIRA und zuletzt bei SIX FEET UNDER und ersetzt Byron Stroud. Die Band arbeitet an ihrem anstehenden Album, welches im Sommer veröffentlicht werden soll und aktuell von Greg Reely in Kanada abgemischt wird.

DeVries kommentiert: "I have been asked by Dino and Burton to join one of my favorite bands. I have been a fan of Fear Factory since 1992 and I could not be more excited to be part of this incredible band. We have shared the stage many times together and now I'm beyond stoked to be on the same stage playing together. Thank you to all my fans worldwide for sticking by me and I will be seeing you all on the road very soon."

Gitarrist Dino Cazares und Sänger Burton C. Bell: "We are very excited to have Matt playing bass for Fear Factory. We feel he is a great addition to our touring lineup. He has been a friend for a very long time and he's a great musician who will be a perfect instrument in the FF machine."