Wie wir bereits berichteten sind FEAR MY THOUGHTS nun bei Century Media. Nun hat die Band ein Statement zu ihrem Unterzeichnen abgegeben:

"We're absolutely happy to announce that we have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records. This label has always hosted bands we love, from one of the very first CM releases of our local buddies in Poltergeist, or be it their current roster with great and influential bands like Nevermore, Napalm Death, Celtic Frost or The Haunted. We´re excited for the things to come, and grateful for having one of THE labels in the world as our partners in crime. Thanks for believing in us and thanks to all the people who brought us where we are today. BIG shout-outs to our wives and girlfriends, to our families, to our friends, to our former labels, and finally to all the people out there who like to crash the dancefloors (or their living rooms) while listening to Fear My Thoughts! Without you...you know the deal!"