FERRET MUSIC - Partnerschaft mit Warner und Co



FERRET MUSIC ist eine Partnerschaft mit der Independent Label Group (ILG), bestehend aus Warner Music Group, Asylum Records, East/West Records und Cordless Recordings eingegangen. Der Deal ermöglicht Ferret den Zugriff auf die Ressourcen der ILG.

Todd Moscowitz, President der ILG hierzu:
"We are confident this partnership will further redefine the way ILG works to empower independent artists and music executives not only in recorded music, but in publishing, touring, artist management and merchandising, as well."

Ferret CEO Carl Severson bemerkte "This is a new step for us that will enable us to step up all our efforts for our bands and present them with even more opportunities. We're building a home that our artists will feel comfortable being a part of for years to come."