FEVERCLUB - Mark Hoppus (+44)produziert) das neue Album


Mark Hoppus (+44/Blink 182) wird das nächste FEVERCLUB-Album produzieren. Gerüchten zufolge wird er, nach dem die Arbeiten an dem Album beendet sind, auch das nächste Avril Lavigne-Album produzieren... Hier das Statement von FEVERCLUB zu dieser glücklichen Fügung:

"That starting next week we will begin recording our debut full-length record in LA with producer Mark Hoppus from +44 (formerly of Blink-182)! We cannot tell you how excited we are about this. It's Mark Hoppus! If for some strange reason you are not familiar with either +44 or Blink-182 go out and buy any of their records NOW and you'll know why we're so stoked. Good times and good songs are ahead for sure. While we're living out a dream in CA for the next couple of weeks we will make sure to keep you informed of all the action, so check back often for updates."