FINAL PRAYER - neue Platte via Let It Burn Records


Die Band kehrt zu Let It Burn Records zurück und wird "I´m Not Afraid" am 25. Mai veröffentlichen.


"After some very busy months, a lot of hard work and intense songwriting and studio sessions, we're more than happy to announce, that we're ready to release our third studio-album called 'I Am Not Afraid'. With our buddy Dennis (Black Friday '29) on board, the new songs are much more varied with a lot of styles and influences. Catchy melodies meet heavy breakdowns and epic sing-alongs. Over and above we're supported on two songs by two very charismatic voices - be prepared! All in all the 10 songs of this album start where the "Berlin" EP has ended and are by far the best ones we've done so far! Label-wise we feel very comfortable, that the record will be released by Munich's famous Let It Burn Records. This might appear like a big change to some people, but after a quite moving period for the band, working together with our old friend Chris feels just like coming home. We're extremely satisfied with the songs and think that he's the right guy to spread our message. But enough words for now. The Releaseshow of the album will be on May 26th at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin. We're psyched to see you there and show you what this album is really about. - the final prayer collective"