FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS haben mit Dylan Richter einen neuen Sänger gefunden. Hier das Statement der Band:

"As you all know, For the Fallen Dreams has been touring non-stop since January, after the release of our debut record, 'Changes.' The band has done plenty of amazing tours and shows, and have met countless amounts of new people/friends. In the past year the band has seen a few member changes, and most recently with front man, Chad Ruhlig.

Chad has parted ways with FTFD on mutual terms. Both FTFD and Chad agreed that it was in everyone's best interest to move on. Chad was a good frontman and a good friend. There are no hard feelings whatsoever and we wish Chad the best of luck with his future plans.

With that said, we are extremely excited to announce our new vocalist, Dylan Richter. We feel that with the new record coming up, things are only going to look up for the band. We are currently writing new material for our sophomore release on Rise Records. We're very excited to get the ball rolling with this record. The band still has big plans for the rest of 2008, including a European/UK tour with The Warriors, as well as an Australian tour in December supporting The Red Shore. 2009 is shaping up to become the biggest year for the band yet."

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von oldboy 09.10.2008 12:59

na geil :( ob der die emotionen vom openertrack brothers in arms so gut rüberbringen kann :/ ich hoffe es. krieg jedes mal gänsehaut, wenn der song startet

von xwernerx 09.10.2008 13:39

hmm.. wollen wir mal hoffen dass der neue was reißen kann! ich werd mich im november davon in BS überzeugen :)

von oldboy 09.10.2008 13:50


von olo 09.10.2008 14:18

intro is der beste track auf dem album

von olo 09.10.2008 14:19

brothers in arms mein ich natürlich -.-

von pete 09.10.2008 22:45

hopeless! never again! u.a. .. finde da gibts einige fette tracks. so genau kann ich mich da gar nicht festlegen ;-)