Am 24. März erscheint "Sterling Black Icon" das zweite Full Length von den Death Metallern FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING auf Metal Blade.

Gitarrist Sascha Ehrich kommentiert die Scheibe wie folgt:
""Sterling Black Icon" - the 3rd chapter in the history of FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING - takes us miles of steps closer to the sophistication of the characteristic songwriting we`ve ever been standing for and nevertheless believe in: "Swedish Styled Death Metal" (. from Tyskland by the way). With a new 5th face (Sam Anetzberger) on the front, we finally could play with a more variable double vocal performance that highly enriches every single song. We are proud announcing that the entire material got catchier and much more melodic but not less aggressive! One hookline persues the next, one twin melody drifts into another - beauties and beasts never were that close to each other!"