FREE MUSIC FIRST - neues Onlineportal für Gratis-Musik


Mit FREE MUSIC FIRST geht ein neues Portal für Musik an den Start, die gratis über die Webseite erhältlich sein soll. Wie genau das Konzept von FREE MUSIC FIRST funktioniert, entnehmt Ihr dem Infotext des Betreibers selbst:

We’ll concede that music is free. Why not? It doesn’t make a difference whether we say so or not – if you want music and you don’t want to pay for it, you can get it for free, and you don’t even have to try that hard. While the industry as a whole might be trying to scrounge every penny possible from every willing customer, we’re looking forward and looking past that line on the horizon.

Every two weeks, we have a guest DJ at That guest is usually a band member, an industry insider, a record label owner, or anyone with an opinion that you might care about. These are people you know – people you might be friends with, or people whom your friends might be friends with – and it can be anyone. From the frontman of your favorite band to that band’s merch guy to the guy who recorded that band’s greatest opus, we hold no reservations as to who we feature as a DJ.

The DJ brings in a few bands that he or she is passionate about who they want to spotlight, whether it be a local group or an underground success story. Then some of their music is made available to instantly stream and download for free. Instead of you searching peer-to-peer sites for crappy 128kbps downloads, we’re taking the guesswork out of the equation and almost putting it right in your hands in great audio quality. After discovering a new band or listening to an old favorite, you can download a few songs or the entire album at no cost.

Can’t get much easier, can it?

What we’re offering is the opinion of people whose opinions you care about, or maybe don’t care about at all. We’re providing a chance to check out music that other people think you should hear, in the form of an instantly accessible recommendation.

Our first DJ is Vinnie Fiorello, drummer for Less Than Jake, owner of independent label Paper + Plastick Records and original founder of Fueled By Ramen Records. With his opening spot, Vinnie has picked three bands of varying genres to appeal to virtually anyone – Humanoids, a punk band from St. Louis, MO, in the vein of Dillinger Four; Tin Horn Prayer, a punk/almost country-sorta group from Denver, CO, featuring heartwarming whiskey-drenched vocals; and Empty Orchestra, a contagiously passionate indie rock/folky band from Flint, MI.

After Vinnie’s featured spot, his bands will go into FreeMusicFirst’s soon-to-be-extensive archive, and Aubin Paul, founder of, will take the featured spot in late October. Aubin’s picks will remain a mystery – for now – but will then go into our archive and founder Jason Tate will have his picks featured in the beginning of November. A couple weeks later, we’ll feature our first guest DJ from a quickly rising band with Dan “Soupy” Campbell, vocalist of Philadelphia’s realist pop-punk heroes The Wonder Years. Their picks will remain free in our archive for as long as is in existence.

That’s all we’re telling you for now about FreeMusicFirst for now. Please head over to the website and listen to and download some records for free. We literally could not ask you to do anything more fun or enjoyable (or free) if we wanted to.

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