FROM FIRST TO LAST von Tour ausgeschlossen


Zunächst hieß es, Craig Owens von den CHIODOS würde für den stimmlich angeschlagenen Sonny Moore bei FROM FIRST TO LAST einspringen und die restlichen Dates der "World Championship" Tour mit ATREYU, EVERY TIME I DIE und CHIODOS zu spielen. Nun wurden FFTL jedoch von den restlichen Dates ausgeschlossen.

Hier das Statement der Band:
"We regret to inform you (the fans) that we have been "kicked" off tour.

We did everything possible to stay on this tour. Sonny would not have been able to sing due to a tear in his vocal chord, but would have been onstage playing guitar while Craig, of Chiodos, would handle singing duties for the remainder of the tour. Our plan to enable us to play the rest of the tour was disregarded and as our crew was setting up for the show in Worcester, MA we were informed that we were being kicked off of the tour. Understand that it was not our choice to leave this tour... we were forced to leave. Once again we apologize... to you (the fans)... to everyone who bought a ticket to see us play... to the KVLT... if we were allowed to be on the rest of this tour we would be."