FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND - Posten neuen Song und erklären Konzept


FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND haben mit 'Out of Reach' einen neuen Song gepostet, denn ihr hier streamen könnt. Der Song wird Teil des nunmehr dritten Albums der Band sein, das mit "Tales Don't Tell Themselves" betitelt sein wird und am 15.05.2007 erscheinen soll. Das Album soll mit einem Konzept versehen sein und erst kürzlich erläuterte der Sänger der Band, Matt Davies, die Geschichte etwas genauer und das wollen wir euch nicht vorenthalten

"David is a Fisherman who is captain of a boat that regulary trawls the deep waters, he comes from a small fishing town on the coast where is wife Eleanor and daughter Isabelle await his return, but a huge storm is quickly approaching it hits the town and and then batters Davids boat and leaves him shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean as the only survivor. he spends days adrift going crazy and delirious wondering if he will ever see his family again, meanwhile the towns people fear that the fishermen are all dead, the coast guards rescue attempts have failed to recover any survivors.

David becomes so delirious his life flashes before his eyes (he guides his younger self through his life as a blackbird) he eventually hits land and snaps out of his delusion. he is scared of the waters and the colossal waves and power that killed his crew but he decides that doing nothing to get back to Eleanor and Isabelle is a cowardly way out so he decides to build a small raft and brave the elements once again, this time he is found by a lifeboat and reunited with his family. The End. Basically, Cast Away meets The Perfect Storm, it has a lot to do with my own personal fears of the ocean and coming to terms with that through the story."