FUTUREHEADS - Neues Album in 2008


Der Sänger und Gitarrist der FUTUREHEADS, Barry Hyde, hat sich erst kürzlich in einem ausführlichem Statement über den Aufnahmeprozess des dritten Albums der Band ausgelassen und die Probleme der vergangenen zwei Jahre, die fast zum Bandsplit geführt hätten. Hier ein kleiner Auszug Statements:

"I would really like to thank those of you who 'got' our second record and enjoyed where we took it, perhaps not the most predictable musical diversion, but a progression none the less. It was a pretty difficult process to rejuvenate and restore our confidence after it failed to live up to the first records success. A personal challenge and a half but nobody ever said to us, 'be a band, it'll be easy, a doddle'. We were so sure that we had made an album that would take us to places we had never been, I think mainly because the creativity was flowing so well and we felt confident about it. Basically, we took it for granted. A dark time followed, the demons started to appear, the truth is we came pretty close to splitting up, not that we ever talked about it, but that feeling was there. Present on the tour bus or after a sound check in Idaho or some other far away place. Things slowed down, we were tired, we'd lost some really good crew etc etc etc whinge whinge......... I'll stop now. That's enough. When the time came closer for us to start working on a follow up we started to get excited again, that's the thing about the cycle of it all, when it starts again you are filled with optimism, if it's not there then it's time to become postmen, when it is there it totally carries you through any snags that might appear, it's like ' Fuck it, listening to this riff, or check out this half a verse' when these things start to develop a light appears, you know that if it's started then at some point you'll be finished, this might sound obvious but it feels amazing."

Die Band hat den dritten Longplayer in Andalusien/Spanien aufgenommen und mit dem Produzenten Martin "Youth" Glover zusammengearbeitet. Gemäß dem Gitarristen Ross Millard dürfen wir auf dem noch unbetitelten dritten Werk der Band "viel mehr Punkrock-Spirit als jemals zuvor" erwarten. Ein VÖ-Termin steht immer noch nicht fest, aber wir halten euch auf dem laufenden!