Fat Mike von NOFX spricht über die Zukunft von Punk Voter


Es gibt ein neues Interview mit Fat Mike bezüglich dem Punk Voter Projekt und dessen Zukunft:

"I would say we're on a vacation now. I want to keep PunkVoter going. Put news stories up there. I will always be politically active, but not like I was in 2002 to 2004. I don't really enjoy politics. I was flying across the country going to different radio stations, different DNC meetings. I met (wealthy liberal funder) George Soros. I met John Kerry. I did Dennis Miller, I did Howard Stern, I was really active. And you know, it's not fun. I'm a musician, I'm not used to hard work,

I feel it is the most important thing I did in my life. I also never tried to do anything so hard, either. I'll spend some time trying to write songs or whatever, but everything is at my speed. I really pushed myself for about a year and a half."

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