Fred Mascherino verlässt TAKING BACK SUNDAY


TAKING BACK SUNDAY haben den Ausstieg von Gitarrist und Co-Vocalist Fred Mascherino bekanntgegeben. Die Band kommenteierte dies folgendermaßen in ihrem MySpace Blog

We Have Some News

After four great years and two successful gold albums together, Fred has decided to leave Taking Back Sunday to pursue his solo career. We wish him well and we are working on the next Taking Back Sunday album as we speak.

We wanted to let you guys know and then get back to working on the music. No drama, just riffs.

On that note, Fred's album The Color Fred's BEND TO BREAK is coming out on October 30.

The Louder Now Parttwo CD/DVD is coming out November 20. You want webisodes, we got webisodes. You want unreleased live videos? Got that too. Lots of bonus features and behind the scenes goodies on this one. More on that soon.

The next Taking Back Sunday album is in its very early stages. As always, we will be updating you on that as we go along.

Thanks guys!