GATES - erster neuer Song im Stream


Mit "Habit" stellen GATES einen ersten Song ihres neuen Albums "Parallel Lives" vor, welches am 3. Juni via Pure Noise Records erscheint.

Kevin Dye, Wahl-New Yorker und Frontmann der Indierockband:

"I was working a job where I had to take the subway. And I'd constantly see the same person on my morning commute sometimes, or I'd hear a passing conversation, only a sentence or two, and wonder what the rest of their story was. I’d walk past apartment complexes full of people, and know I’d never step foot in their homes or know what their lives were like".

"Parallel Lives" Tracklist:
1. Forget
2. Habit
3. Eyes
4. Shiver
5. House & Home
6. Empty Canvas
7. Color Worn
8. Fade
9. Penny
10. Left
11. Parallel Lives