GOD DETHRONED - Neues Album und Europatour


GOD DETHRONED gehen bald mit VADER und SEVERE TORTURE auf Europatour. Hier die Dates für Deutschland:

28.09.2006 Berlin, K17
29.09.2006 Jena, F-Haus
30.09.2006 Giebelstadt, Stadhalle-I Park Klingholz
01.10.2006 Hannover, MuzikZentrum
25.10.2006 Augsburg, The Kantine
27.10.2006 Trier, Exhaus
06.11.2006 Essen, Turock
08.11.2006 Bremen, Schlachthof

Das Neue Album "The Toxic Touch" ist das sechste in Folge auf Metal Blade Records und wurde in den Soundlodge Studios mit Produzent Joerg Uken aufgenommen.

Hier die Tracklist:

01. Faithless
02. Hating Life
03. 2014
04. Falling Down
05. On Wings of Pestilence
06. The Day You Died
07. Away From Emptiness
08. Macabre World
09. Typhoid Mary
10. Fail to Exist

Die Band zum Album:
"'The Toxic Touch' is the product of two years of extensive and intense
touring all over the world. The new line-up has proved to be superior to
all the previous ones. You could see it as a learning process. While
everybody knows us as a band with a fine mix between the brutal and the
melodic parts, people appreciate us mostly for our groove and melody,
especially live. The new album reflects that more than ever before.
The number of blast-beats on this album has been decreased to a minimum.
Why? Simply because in a live situation it's probably the most boring
part. In the new situation the blast-beat adds something special, the
explosion, whereas in the past it was just a common part of our style
and therefore 'nothing special', comments GOD DETHRONED mainman Henri
Sattler, and adds: "'The Toxic Touch' has become an album with new and
broader influences, techniques and songwriting, but sounds exactly the
way God Dethroned should sound anno 2006. This time with our best and
heaviest production to date."

Releasedate ist der 23.Oktober.