GOD DETHRONED - Update zum neuen Output


Gitarrist/Sänger Henri Sattler von GOD DETHRONED hat folgendes Update zum neuen Outband der Niederländer gepostet:

"Last week we started tracking drum tracks for our new album, 'Passiondale'. With Roel [Sanders] back on the drum throne, all speed limits have been broken again. We took a lot of time in order to get the best results 'cause we want the album to be as tight as possible.

"Producer Jörg Uken from the Soundlodge studios [in Germany] is a drummer himself so we actually managed to get some really spectacular drumming on tape. We also wrote a new song in the studio called 'No Survivors', bringing the total of songs to nine. Yesterday we made some heavy crushing guitar sounds and this week we'll track the guitars."

"Passiondale" ist ein Konzeptalbum über den ersten Weltkrieg und wird aus folgenden Songs bestehen:

01. Under A Darkening Sky
02. Behind Enemy Lines
03. Drowning in Mud
04. No-Man's Land
05. Passiondale
06. Poison Fog
07. Fallen Empires
08. Artifacts of the Great War
09. No Survivors