GOLDFINGER - Album nicht in diesem Jahr


GOLDFINGER geben bekannt, dass ihr neues Album nicht in diesem Jahr erscheinen wird und auch keine Tour stattfindet. Bald wird es aber eine 2-Song EP via iTunes geben. Gitarrist Charlie Paulson gibt hierzu folgendes Statement:

"we know we promised the record would be out by now & we'd be doing warped tour this year as well as our own thing in the fall. well...shit happens.

we were in the home stretch of the album & everybody was/is really fucking happy with it. we'd found a new home on sideonedummy records & we were making all sorts of tour plans...things were looking really good. i especially was eager to make up for the lost time when i was out of the band to hit the boards and see all your sweaty, screaming faces again.

that's about the time when we got hit by a landslide of bullshit & bad news...most of which fell on my good friend mr. feldmann. first his doctor told him he needed to take some time off the road. we did a short west coast tour last year at which time john tore his knee up really bad. he had surgery & started to heal when, against medical advice we went over to the u.k. where he ripped it open again (see what this man will do to entertain you fuckers?). so this time he's gotta stay put for real & heal or there will be no more diving off of thirty foot speaker stacks onto your heads. as if that wasn't bad enough, his (not even one year old) son had what looked to be a cancerous tumor in his little leg. we all prayed & held our breath while the doctors went to work. i don't know if i believe in god but julian got to see his his first birthday cancer free so maybe someone up there was listening.

in addition darrin has been working his ass off with his label high 4 records & becoming canada's answer to howard stern with his radio show on the edge in toronto.

kelly moved from l.a. to his hometown of portland where he was a celebrity instructor at a prestigious music school then moved BACK to l.a. and resumed working with his other band apes of the new millennium.

...and finally yours truly (charlie) has been appearing in really awful t.v. copshows as various criminals when i'm not working with my other band BLACK PRESIDENT. it's real old-school punk rock featuring members of bad religion & guttermouth...listen at your own risk.

as it stands now we're looking at releasing the goldfinger record early next year with a long ass tour to follow...we will be coming for your children. in the meantime we're going in later this month to record a live e.p. (that will include two new songs) to be released on itunes."