GOLDFINGER arbeiten an Album Nr. 6


GOLDFINGER haben mit der Arbeit an ihrem sechsten Longplayer begonnen. Gitarrist Charlie Paulson formulierte die Situation wie folgt:

"We're setting out to make a real fucking Goldfinger record.

"The last couple albums I got to hear as a listener...not as a band member & personally i think the guys did a fine job with some of it but it definitely strayed from what people dig about us.

So far we're three songs in...there's this sorta creepy/happy song about asking your significant other to kill you called "Bury Me"...then a straight up old-school Goldfinger stomp about pretending the world doesn't suck when it clearly does titled "Front of the Line" and last (so far), my personal favorite called "Without Me"...NO IT'S NOT A FUCKING deals with fake friends & the shit people talk while taking everything they can from you. this cheery little number reminds me of mid-era Social D. (with a little Bow Wow Wow thrown into the solo courtesy of yours truly).

in the words of the always the well spoken & eloquent darrin pfeiffer "i'm fucking pumped about these songs!""