GOLD KIDS - Tour gecancelled


Leider müssen die GOLD KIDS aus Italien ihre UK/Eurotour cancelln und haben dazu folgendes Statement für euch:

"Our booking agency for some reason out of our control
pulled the upcoming UK tour...
so we're forced to cancel all the euro gigs as well...

I can't explain how I feel right now
in 2 years of touring we never fuckin cancelled a show.

this fucked up situation is going to leave us with tons of debts since all the ferry tickets and the van were booked already and the merch got printed as well.

we're terribly sorry to all the kids who were stocked to come and see us
to everyone booking us in Europe (please go and support AT HALF MAST since the shows are still up) and so the THE STRUGGLE in Holland !
it breaks my heart to write this shit !

I hope you can understand !
we'll be back on the road really soon

Alte Kommentare

von the elephant 18.06.2008 22:41

welche agentur ist das? klingt richtig assi... :(

von Big J 19.06.2008 11:30

typisch England, die Promoter da drüben scheinen echt alle nicht mehr richtig zu ticken. Man hört nur schlechtes von da drüben.

von chris 19.06.2008 17:24

schade ich hätte die gern nochmal gesehn. richtig hammer live, ultra angepisst und ultra tight. haha ich merk grad wie behindert sich ultra anhöhrt :D