GOOD CHARLOTTE Album \"Good Morning Revival\" fertig


Das neue Good Charlotte ALbum "Good Morning Revival" ist fertig. HIer ein Statement von Sänger Joel Madden:

"It sounds so awesome! [M. Shadows] sings the second verse and he also comes in on the second chorus. And [Synyster Gates] does a guitar solo through the bridge. It's not a metal song, but their parts fit and they really rock." Weiter:"We went in a whole different direction as far as the mood of the record and the song content goes. We wanted to keep away from all the dramatic and dark overtones that we've been doing for the last four or five years. Everyone else in our genre of music is getting really dramatic, so we figured, let's go somewhere completely different. So it's a little bit dancier and the music feels really good, but it's still Good Charlotte."
Die Scheibe erscheint Anfang 2007 in den Läden.