GORGOROTH - Gaahl und King haben die Namensrechte


Auf der Homepage www.gorgoroth.org ist zu lesen, dass Gaahl und King vom Norwegischen Patentamt die Namensrechte für die Marke GORGOROTH zuerkannt wurden. Somit setzten sie sich gegen Bandgründer Infernus durch.

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von Bumsgeburt 20.12.2007 09:55

durch diese news werd ich nicht schlau^^

von FKK 20.12.2007 10:03

heftig, heftig, wenn man bedenkt, dass Infernus die Band gründete und Gaahl und King später dazustießen. Aber so läuft halt das Business, sogar im Black Metal..hehehe

von jeppa 20.12.2007 16:54

Gründe zur Trennung und vielleicht auch des Streits um die Rechte http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=99208641&blogID=324636534&Mytoken=07B2BC34-90A9-4361-89B451E59236815124904544 "...Originally I had the intension of leaving Infernus with some sort of integrity. The way this case has developed I have no other choice but to reveal some of the reasons why I can no longer work with him. First and foremost, it's the disrespect he has shown our working partners; record labels, session-musicians, promoters (by sending unserious demands in raiders etc.) and producers we have worked with over the years which has lead to this decision. In addition, he has not been a creative force for the last 8 years. He has shown no interest in the art defining Gorgoroth during that same period of time. He has not shown up for rehearsals and has broken agreements on several occasions. This is also an important reason in explaining why he is not part of Gorgoroth at the time being. He has broken the codex of honor and is not living by his own rules, the rules he set for himself and his surroundings on all levels. I have tried for several years my best to continue in the original form in hopes for a change and I have done so in honor of his previous work in Gorgoroth and the fact that he is the founding member. I..ve hoped that he would become the artist he once was several years ago and I've realized that it will never happen. It's gotten to a point were King and I can't create a fire as long as someone is there pouring water over it..."

von a 20.12.2007 16:56

"I..m not personally involved in the formal part of this, but we have prepared for any given result of this matter. I know our partners have worked on our behalf preparing for what we knew would happen, for example, preparing the legal name copyright and other formal tasks. I'll let the lawyers on both sides argue as much as they want. What is the truth is the truth --- and whoever claims otherwise is a false prophet and will be treated accordingly."

von fu 20.12.2007 18:30


von Madras 20.12.2007 19:44

Baaahhh mach den ewig langen Link weg ... das ist ja schrecklich und verunstaltet nur das Seitenlayout